“We always use cast iron pans for our cornbread.”

So, what kinds of cornbread and pans do we use?

We were talking to a food editor in the South. We only occasionally use cast iron. Most of the time, we use springform pans or our favorite clad skillet. Today, we’ll look at the advantages of each. We’ll also look at the different types of cornbread. And we’ll look at a number of recipes. Finally, we’ll give you a recipe to make your own cornbread mix.

What kind of cornbread should you make?

Cornbread ranges from eggy skillet cornbread to more cake-like, sweeter cornbread. It’s helpful to understand the differences.

What pan should you use?

Different pans present different advantages and disadvantages.

Make your own cornbread mix

Mix it in bulk and mix what you need. It’s an easy way to put cornbread on the table in a hurry and you save money. 

Choose a recipe

Cornbread recipes vary widely from region to region and with tastes with recipes ranging from spicy Southwestern cornbread to cake-like New England cornbread. This list will get you started.

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