You can tell that we love cornbread. You can do so much with cornbread. Think of it as an empty easel, adding the flavors and colors that fit your fancy.

It helps to understand the types of cornbread. It’s easier to anticipate the finished cornbread or modify a recipe to match your family’s tastes.

Sweetened cornbread: This is Yankee cornbread, slightly sweet to the taste. Look for one two tablespoons of sugar in the recipe.

Southern cornbread: This is the classic, traditional cornbread with just a teaspoon or two of sugar (and often, none). Drizzle honey or syrup over this cornbread or serve it with jam.

Flourless cornbread: Flourless cornbread relies on the proteins in eggs to provide structure instead of the starches in flours. Most cornbread recipes have about the same amount of flour as cornmeal.

Sweet or savory cornbread: You can mix sweet or savory additions into your cornbread. In this issue, you will find bacon, cheddar, peppers, and onions as savory additions. Blueberries, apples, nuts, and dried fruit all work well in cornbread.

Yeasted cornbread: Yeasted cornbread is chewy and wonderful. The gluten in the bread flour is developed so that it has a texture more like bread than cornmeal. Anadama Bread is made with a mixture of cornmeal and flour, a bread with a hint of cornbread.

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