Make real, Original Spudnuts from yesteryear in your own kitchen! These are the real deal!   “When I was a kid, college students would come through the neighborhood selling Original Spud Nuts®.  If we could get Mom to buy some, we were in heaven. When we got a chance to carry this mix, we jumped all over it.  We’ve now made hundreds of these donuts and we love them–just like when we were kids.” 

These are easy to make. Just add water to the mix and beat with the dough hook or knead with your hands. Let the dough rise. Cut out the shapes and let them rise again. Fry them for 25 seconds on each side.   Compare these with Krispy Kreme® donuts. See if they’re not better. And you get to make them yourself.   Two pound mix includes SAF Gourmet Yeast packet. Makes 30 donuts. You may use half of the mix at one time by using one teaspoon of the yeast in each half mix. Or you can try our new Daily Dozen Spudnut Pack that makes 12-13 donuts. Unused dough can be refrigerated for up to 5 days.

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