How to Make a Quesadilla

Quesadillas are the south-of-the-border equivalent of sandwiches. And like sandwiches, you can stuff them with almost anything. You can even stuff them with scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, and salsa for a breakfast quesadilla. 

Quesadillas are very simple to make. Choose a tortilla—flour, whole wheat, or corn—load it with your goodies, fold it, and cook it on a griddle in your kitchen or on the grill on your patio.

Usually, you’ll only cook your quesadillas until the cheese melts, a couple minutes on each side. If you are stuffing with chicken or other meat, you’ll want to cook that before making the quesadillas. 

We like quesadillas because they are quick and simple. They can be made indoors or outdoors on the grill. They are great for parties without a lot of work. 

What are sincronizadas? 

To make a quesadilla, load one side of a tortilla—corn or flour—with your goodies, fold it over, and cook it. Note that it is cooked after it is stuffed while tacos and burritos are stuffed with cooked ingredients. Note also that it is folded. 

We’ve always loaded a tortilla with goodies and topped it with a second tortilla. We just thought that we were making quesadillas. The second tortilla, not a single folded tortilla, meant we were making sincronizadas, not quesadillas. We know, restaurants serve the two-tiered variety and call them quesadillas but apparently, that’s a north-of-the border license. But then, around our house, it doesn’t matter. 

Favorite Quesadilla Recipes

Only your imagination limits the quesadillas that you can make. Traditionally, recipes included cheese and we like cheese filled quesadillas but follow your own tastes. 

You can even make dessert quesadillas. We’ve made quesadillas with cream cheese and strawberry jam or syrup. If you like the mixture a little sweeter, add powdered sugar. Sprinkle chopped walnuts over the filling. Cream cheese and pineapple, either dried or well-drained chunks, is another great option. 

We hope that you enjoy these great recipes:

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