The concept for stuffed French toast is simple:  Make a sandwich with a yummy filling and dip the sandwich in an egg mixture or egg rich batter and cook as you would for other French toasts.  The filling needs to be sticky enough that the two slices of bread stick together.  Other than that, let your imagination soar.

While you can use anything, cream cheese is the most popular filling.  Fruit pastry filling or chopped nuts can be added to the cream cheese or the cream cheese can be topped with fruit.

There are two ways to make stuffed French toast.  Both are easy.  If you can make a sandwich, you can make stuffed French toast.   In fact, it’s a lot like making a sandwich.

The first way is to make it on the griddle.  Spread a filling between two slices of bread, dredge it in an egg batter, and pop it on a griddle.  The process is exactly the same as making a single slice of French toast.  Because the heat has to drive through two slices instead of one, it takes longer to cook.  If the bread is becoming too crusty before cooking all the way through, turn the heat down.  At a lower heat, it will cook more thoroughly.

For a filling between the slices, you may use jam, cream cheese based fillings made with fruit or jams, pastry fillings, or fruit.  Pastry fillings are a quick and easy way to make stuffed French toast.

There’s another way to make stuffed French toast: deep frying.  Instead of dipping your sandwich in an egg batter, use a tempura batter.  Deep frying with a tempura batter makes your stuffed French toast light and crisp.  It’s not as quick and simple, but in our classes, people always prefer this method.  (Peanut butter and jam French toast made this way is remarkably good.)

(With meats, cheeses, and condiments you can make sandwiches for lunch using either of these methods.  Monte Cristo sandwiches is an example.)

  1. Spread the filling or fillings on a slice of bread (try topping it with bananas or strawberries) and add another slice to make it a sandwich.
  2. Dip the sandwich in an egg mixture or tempura batter. 
  3. Place the sandwich on a hot griddle and cook as you would French toast, turning once.

Stuffed French Toast Recipes

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