We love rich, moist banana bread and we love muffins, but most banana muffins just don’t have enough bananas. So we set off to find the perfect banana muffin recipe.

For us, the perfect banana muffin is very banana-rich but still light and cake-like and with a high dome. In our quest, we found what works and what doesn’t. We’ll share that discovery with you in today’s article. We’ll include some great banana muffin recipes–including chocolate and cinnamon chippers–plus tell you how to get high domes on your muffins.

You’ll make the best banana muffins ever.

The Quest for the Perfect Banana Muffins

The perfect banana muffin was more elusive than we expected. We wanted a banana muffin that was light and airy like a cake and with high domes. But when we loaded up the batter with bananas—enough to make it really taste like bananas—the fruit weighed the muffin down so that it was dense and unattractive.

We baked tons and tons of banana muffins, but our beautiful, high-domed muffins didn’t have enough bananas and when we used enough bananas, the muffins were dense and flat. Finally, we concluded that if we could find a way to use an equal volume of bananas as flour, we would have enough banana flavor. But could we do so and still have a light, high-domed muffin?

A banana muffin contains five main ingredients: flour, bananas, sugar, eggs, and a fat. Each has a role to play. The flour gives structure. The bananas and sugar contribute flavor. The fat from the egg yolks and oil or butter gives richness and “mouth feel”.

There must be a balance in these ingredients. To get a high dome, the batter must be fairly stiff so that you can fill the muffin cavities and have it rise instead of flow over the edges as it bakes. It’s a balance between the dry ingredients—primarily flour—and the wet ingredients. (Sugar melts during baking and acts like a liquid.)

For fat, we tried vegetable oil, butter, yogurt, and sour cream. We settled on sour cream.

Try as we could, we couldn’t use as much mashed banana as flour without creating dense muffins. Finally, the obvious dawned on us: the egg whites were contributing moisture but no fat or flavor. We switched to egg yolks only replacing the whole eggs. We added more bananas, essentially replacing the egg whites with bananas. We now had that 50/50 balance of bananas and flour. To consistently get the flavor depth that we wanted—some bananas are more flavorful than others—we added a teaspoon of banana flavor. The result was a banana-rich muffin that was light and airy and had a high dome. For us, we had found the perfect banana muffin.

After perfecting the recipe, we tried different pans for extra fancy and change-of-pace muffins. We made elegant little muffin-cakes from a mini-cheesecake pan. (In fact, we fell in love with the elegant little muffins from this pan.) We made jumbo muffins. And we made muffin tops in muffin top pans.

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Keys for Success: The Perfect Banana Muffins

  1. Use the ripest bananas that you can find. Ripe bananas have much more flavor.
  2. Adjust the flour if you have to. Because bananas differ in their moistness as they ripen, you may have to add a couple tablespoons of flour. The batter should be half way between cake batter and cookie dough for drop cookies. It should be stiff enough that it can mound in your scoop.
  3. Fill the muffin tins almost to the top. It takes a lot of batter to build a dome. If you fill the tins only 2/3’s full, you’ll have batter left over and smaller muffins. This recipe is designed for 12 standard muffins.
  4. Start out with a hot oven. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and then reduce the temperature as directed. The initial hot oven creates a burst of steam that helps lift the muffins.
  5. Check the cooking time. Because you turn the temperature down, times are only an estimate and reflect the time required in our oven. Other ovens may retain heat as ours does.

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Only the Tops, Please: How to Make Muffin Tops

The muffin tops are the best part of the muffin. No wonder everyone wants to make the tops only.

We sell muffin top pans. When we received these pans, we experimented with muffin tops, using recipes and mixes in our muffin top pans.

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  • You can use high-dome techniques as explained above in muffin top pans as well as conventional pans.
  • Because the batter is not as deep, it takes less time to bake muffin tops. Reduce the baking time by about a third.
  • With a thin batter, less can be put in a muffin top pan. The domes will not be as high and you’ll have more muffin tops.
  • If you are making high-domed muffin tops they will be larger than muffins. A 12-muffin mix or recipe yields eight large, high-domed tops. A standard muffin top is equal to a standard muffin.

Because you have just shallow indentations on the pan, the muffins remove very easily. If they stick at all, let them sit for a couple minutes.

What You’ll Need to Make Perfect Muffins

Pans and Tools

Muffins start with the pan. Here is a discussion of the pans that you can use.

  • Standard, jumbo, giant, and mini nonstick muffin pansYour muffin pans should be heavy and dark and absolutely nonstick. You have a choice of four muffin sizes. If you want to use paper liners, we carry paper muffin liners for all but the giant size muffins.
  • Mini cheesecake pansWe use these pans to make classy little high top muffins. The pan is designed for little cheesecakes but it makes marvelous little half-sized muffins. Because the bottoms remove, removing the baked muffins is not a problem.
  • Muffin top pans As far as we’re concerned, this is an essential in any kitchen. Why make a muffin when you can make only the tops?

There are three other tools you ought to consider. Even though we used quality nonstick pans, it’s a good idea to spray your pans with oil. We like a mister because it’s quick and easy and reaches down into the corners.

You need a way to measure out the same amount of batter for each muffin cavity. A quick release ice cream scoop in a large size is perfect. A mounded scoop fills a standard muffin cavity; two scoops are just right for jumbo muffins.

We don’t bake without our silicone spatulas. We use them for mixing and scraping bowls clean. The soft, thin-bladed silicone spatula is incredible for removing that occasional muffin that does stick.

Variations on the Perfect Banana Muffin

Once we had our recipe down, we started experimenting–a banana muffin for every occasion.

It’s possible to get enough banana taste using the maximum amount of very ripe bananas. Add a teaspoon of banana flavor to be sure.

Adding cinnamon baking chips to your banana muffins is a great addition that will make them extra special. Use them in cookies, scones, and pancakes too. These belong in every serious baker’s kitchen. Really good pure dark chocolate chips is a nice addition also.

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