We love flavored whipped cream, and we love to spice it up even more with cream cheese. It adds both flavor and stability, allowing the whipped cream to stay unmelted longer. We’ve served it in the store with our strawberry crepes and had lots of questions about how to whip the cream cheese in without having it get too soft.

Flavored Cream Cheese Whipped Cream

2 ounces cream cheese
1/3 cup sugar
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 teaspoon vanilla or other flavor

Start by whipping the cream cheese and sugar together.  Mixing the sugar and cream cheese together softens the cream cheese and breaks it up a bit else you could have little globules of cream cheese in the whipped cream.

Next add the whipping cream and flavor. You can use either whipping cream or heavy whipping cream–which has more fat.  We can’t tell a difference in the end result but the heavy whipping cream doesn’t take as long to whip.

We use a stand-type mixer with the whip attachment. We start at a medium speed so that it doesn’t splash too badly and then we gradually turn the speed to high.  Once it starts to get fluffy, watch it so it doesn’t over whip. adsense ban It should get quite stiff and look almost dry. Stop at that point.  If you keep beating, it will separate into buttermilk and butter (very good tasting butter though).

Several people have mentioned that their whipped cream isn’t as stiff as ours. I don’t think we’re doing anything special but we’re whipping it hard and fast. I’ve gotten the same results with a hand held electric mixer.

We are whipping at least two cups at a time. With a lesser amount it may be harder to keep the whip attachment immersed and it may not whip as easily.

We are using one ounce of cream cheese per cup of whipping cream.  The cream cheese stabilizes the whipped cream, helps it hold its shape, and gives it a little flavor. Jennifer in our store is using twice that much cream cheese in her cooking at home and it is stiffer yet.  She uses her whipped cream as a filling in crepes and other desserts.

If you store your whipped cream in the fridge, it may get a little soft so simply whip it again for a few minutes and it will be good as new.

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