open face sandwiches

1. We love toast topped with fruit butters and spreads. Both make up quickly, can be made ahead, and store well in the refrigerator. Try a whole grain bread with strawberry butter or cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter-cream cheese.

2. Speaking of peanut butter, peanut butter on toast is great. It tastes great, is filling, and provides a shot of protein. Consider fresh peanut butter or 100% peanut butter, the kind that needs refrigeration.

3. Keeping with the peanut butter theme, top the peanut butter with jam, raisins, or our favorite—sliced bananas.

4. You can buy almond butter in most health food stores and some grocery stores. Use that on toast as you would peanut butter.

5. Honey is always a good choice. It tastes great and has a lower glycemic index that table sugar. Consider honey butter.

6. We grew up with chipped beef and gravy on biscuits. A quicker version—and with more versatility—is chipped beef and gravy on toast. And yes, that is a breakfast dish.

7. In the refrigerator case at the grocery store, you will find flavored cream cheeses, some sweet and some savory. They are most popular with bagels but work wonderfully on toast.

8. Try Hawaiian toast—toast spread with cream cheese and topped with pineapple and/or bananas.

9. Top your toast with cream cheese and pineapple and coconut. Or mix the three together for another Hawaiian spread.

10. Cream cheese and dried pineapple pieces work well on toast.

11. Make a spread of cream cheese, honey, cinnamon, and chopped walnuts. This works particularly well on whole grain toast.

12. Marshmallow cream works well on toast. Try mixing peanut butter with the marshmallow cream or your favorite jam.

13. Try marshmallow cream topped with bananas.

14. Melt some chocolate chips and stir them into the marshmallow cream. You then have s’mores toast.

15. Mix cream cheese, raisins, and cinnamon together to make a spread for toast.

16. Top a slice of toast with a couple strips of crisp bacon, an egg, and grated cheddar. Make a breakfast sandwich out of it if you like. Scramble the eggs if you prefer.

17. Like French toast but don’t have the time? If you top toast with maple syrup, it gets soggy too quickly. If you mix maple syrup with butter or cream cheese and spread it on your morning toast, you can still have maple flavored toast.

18. Top your toast with applesauce and sprinkle it with cinnamon. If you like, heat the applesauce in the microwave before putting it on the toast.
19. Top your toast with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

20. Our kids always loved toast with cinnamon and sugar. Butter the toast and sprinkle a mixture of one teaspoon cinnamon for each tablespoon of sugar. Better yet, butter the bread, sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar, place the slices on a baking sheet and toast the concoction in a hot oven. The heat will melt the butter and give a crusty top to the cinnamon and sugar.

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